Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free Upcoming Class at Greenstar Coop

Just a note to mention I'll be teaching a free class next month at Greenstar Coop in Ithaca.

The class, titled Finding or Enhancing Love with Feng Shui will focus on Feng Shui you can that may help to attract a partner if you're single or enhance existing relationship energy. We'll discuss the us of symbols and furniture and artwork placement for relationship success and harmony.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 7-8:15pm at the Greenstar Coop on Fulton st, Ithaca, NY. Sign up at Greenstar.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feng Shui Tip of the Month: January 2009

So, now that I've given some of my background, on to the tip of the month.....

This may sound like a no-brainer, especially to those of us living in winter climates, but I think the topic bears some discussion:


Many people already do this. It saves wear and tear on flooring and cuts down on the need for cleaning. There are some other good reasons to do this.

It can be a symbolic way of leaving the rest of the day at the door, and entering your own space free from everything except that which you truly Want to bring home with you.

Energetically, it has the same effect. Removing your shoes can help you avoid bringing unwated energy into your home.

Getting out of your shoes and getting your feet on the ground can be a grounding experience, and help you feel Home.

From a practical stand point, it can require some adjustment, especially when it's cold. I have learned to drop my groceries inside the front door and other items that need to be unloaded, and I keep my slippers waiting to welcome me home near the front door as well.

So Happy January! When I have a moment, I'll post a bit of a description of classical Feng Shui, but for now, stay warm!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to Blue Pearl Feng Shui!

Welcome to my Feng Shui blog!

I originally had thought to send out a monthly newsletter to the small list of subscribers who have signed up either at the Ithaca Fest, or the course I taught at Green Star this past October.

Then, because it's my style, I hunted for some cool format for my newsletter and got bogged down in the idea of learning something new when I barely seem to keep up with what I have on my plate on any given day.

Finally, I discovered blogging, and this seems the ideal format to post monthly ideas and thoughts about Feng Shui, and list some upcoming events. I haven't had a chance to do much even with setting up this blog, so it will be a work in progress and evolve over time, but I thought it better to just finally get started then get bogged down once again:-)

But first, a little of my background with Feng Shui!

My husband and I moved from San Diego, California to the Ithaca, New York area in 2003. At that time we had been trying to conceive a child for about a year. Feng Shui practioner Aaron Lee Koch consulted with us on our home, with conceiving a child as one of our primary goals. We were in the process of renovating a room intended to be our bedroom, and Aaron asked how set we were on that room. We indicated that we were very set on it, so he made recommendations for us, using that particular room as our bedroom. Several months later I was still not pregnant, and getting frustrated and somewhat scared that there might be some serious reason why not. We called Aaron again and asked him what room he would have recommended for our bedroom had we been open to it. We made the recommended changes and 6 weeks later I was pregnant with our daughter Helena!

Following Helena's birth we purchased a rental property and again had Aaron consult. We were quite pleased with the results of that consult, and continue to apply his recommendations as we gradually make upgrades to the property.

Later in 2005 Aaron called and asked me if we felt that Feng Shui had been instrumental in helping us conceive. I said yes defintely, and he connected me with the producer of Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy. They asked my family to appear in a segment on Feng Shui and flew us to Brooklyn for the day to shoot the film. It was fun and rather surreal, it all came together so quickly. I just watched it myself online tonight-it didn't air in our area and I didn't realize it was available to view online. I think this is recent, it wasn't there the last time I searched. Anyone interested can go to and search viedo by keyword "feng shui" to find our segment.

Fast forward to late 2006, when I decided to take Aaron's Feng Shui mastery course, only to find out that the course was canceled due to low enrollment, and I must wait until spring 2007 to complete the course. At the time I was disappointed, but in retrospect, the group I took the class with was so wonderful and amazing, I can't imagine it any other way.

I completed my certification work this past summer. Due to the fullness of my life in other areas, I've postponed actively seeking clients to work with until now, and in 2009 intended to ramp up my efforts to work with others wanting to use Feng Shui to enhance and empower their lives. This blog is intended to be a method of sharing what I know with those who will benefit and also to keep me fresh and thinking of Feng Shui all the time.

So again, welcome to my Feng Shui blog!