Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seasonal Feng Shui: As Autumn Approaches, sun & air your bedding

Summer is winding down, especially for those of us in the North Eastern US (and of course many other areas!). But there are some bright, hot days in store for us before autumn is here to stay. 

Now is an excellent time to air out your bedding and other lounge items and let the sunlight cleanse it. Sunlight can kill mold, fungi, bacteria, virus', dust mites and more. Sunlight also stimulates chi flow and removes stagnation. So drag those pillows, blankets, feather beds, and comforters and let the sunlight freshen them up for you. Don't overlook throw pillow and blankets. Even small easily moved upholstered furniture pieces can benefit from a day in the sun. 

As a funny aside, my daughter thinks our bedding laid out thus, looks like "a flock of sheep."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seasonal Feng Shui: As Autumn Approaches....dig through your closet

Fall is in the air here in upstate NY..I know it's cooling off for others too, while in some areas summer weather is still in full swing.

Whenever it happens for you, the switch to warm clothing is an excellent time to dig through your wardrobe and weed out that which isn't really working for you. 

Do you ever notice that your taste in clothing can change subtly over time, as you make changes yourself? I do. I have some skirts that I wore regularly each summer for the past 5 or so years, and this year I just didn't want to put them on. So it's time to box them up and pass them along to someone who will make good use of them. They still have plenty of life left in them, they're just not for me anymore.

Before you pack things away until spring, consider those which got little or no wear this summer, and why? Are they uncomfortable (too tight, too loose?)? Don't feel right anymore? Maybe never did? Or remind you of an unhappy time (especially important to let these things go). Then let them go and make space for new things to come in. Your local resale shop will be happy to receive them, and this is also a great place to replenish your wardrobe, saving resources both natural and financial.

Everything carries energy, clothing included. The things you wear should make you feel good, and reflect who you are now. Don't be held back by clothing that makes you feel like you used to be, rather than who you are today. You might be surprised by the changes that occur when your clothing is really right for you.