Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feng Shui Tip: August 2009, Back to School!

Doesn't the feel of back to school time affect you, even if it doesn't actually impact you directly? It certainly does me. I'm not in school, and will be homeschooling our daughter this year, which does include a certain back to school energy even if the time frame isn't as strict for us. But it's all around me anyway. Living near a big college town, I'm aware of the return of the students from their summer away. The roads are fuller, the grocery store shelves are emptier as everyone restocks. Signs of "Welcome back Students" are all around. Back to school supplies are everywhere.

Some are already back to school, others are about to be. So, in honor of all of that energy, I thought I'd talk about some specific symbolism for educational success.

In classical Feng Shui, the North East direction is associated with knowledge, education, and learning new skills. Placing specific symbolic items in the North East segments of your home can support these learning endeavors.
Here are some items that can be used to support learning:

The Tribute Horse

The Tribute Horse is associated with the rapid achievement of goals. It can also be used to promote career success and legal success. The Tribute Horse carries strong yang energy, bringing with it strength, authority, energy, movement and perseverance.

Running Horses Statue

The Running Horses Statue is also associated with the rapid achievement of goals. You'll see various numbers of horses together in statues like these. I happen to have an examples with 3 Horses (which belongs to my daughter). If aiming specifically for educational success, I would choose a statue with 8 horses, as 8 is the number associated with the North East and with Education.

To use the either the Tribute Horse or the Running Horses statue for educational success, place it in the North East portion of the room. If you can, place the desk or other seating arrangement in the North East segment of the room. If this is impractical, don't worry about it. Just place the horse statue on your desk or other area used for studying. Place the statue on North East portion of your desk or table. You can also set up a small table in the room used to study, and place the statue on the North East portion of that table, or place it on a shelf.

Here's the key detail: Make sure to position the statue so that the horse appears to be entering the room. This is the critical piece. Once you've located the horse on the table, desk or shelf, the tail of the horse should be pointing toward the door, so that the horse is entering the room, not leaving it.

Other symbols which can be used for this purpose include the Cicada, an Abacus (specifically for studies in math or computing), Carp on Waves statue, Books, Globes, Diplomas, pictures of the school or university, and anything else related to the field of study.

Here's to a successful 2009-2010 school year for us all!