Friday, April 3, 2009

Feng Shui Tip of the Month: April 2009

April's topic: Feng Shui Bathroom Etiquette

While etiquette is not really in the realm of Feng Shui, dealing with our bathrooms appropriately is an important Feng Shui topic.

Because the drains in the bathroom deal with waste and are therefore, of necessity, strong, they can become culprits for the escape of good energy from your dwelling as well.

To avoid this, keep your bathrooms doors closed and toilot seats down when not in use.

Because energy drains quickly in the bathroom, it's not an appropriate place to locate good luck symbols or other important decorative items. Bathroom decor should be kept simple.

Ideally, bathrooms should not be above bedrooms, kitchens, or front doors, and should also should not face the front door.

Happy April....Spring is coming, really!