Friday, February 12, 2010

Feng Shui for Pairs

With Valentine's day is just around the bend...a post on enhancing love seemed in order.

In general, when we look at love and relationshop in Feng Shui, we look at the bedroom. If you're wanting to attract a relationship into your life, or enhance the one you have, there are some fairly simple things you can do.

1) Things in pairs are good!

Place decorative items in pairs around your bedroom. Two matched candles, two paintings on the wall in matching frames (pictures depiciting love, hearts and happy couples are great here), matching perfume bottles, etc.

2) Balance is key to a balanced relationship
Look at the physical balance in the room. Can the bed be accessed as easily from both sides? Matching nightstands with matching lamps here are best. Do both partners have equal space in the room?

3) If there's not currently a partner in your life and you want one, make some space in your space! Clear out a closet, make some space in the medicine cabinet, set up some room in your room for a lover to join you...sometimes simple steps in making space physically can really open things up and allow new experiences and people in.

Happy Valentines's Day! May we all love ourselves so richly and deeply that that love cannot help but overflow to everything and everyone!