Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let the Chi Flow!

As Spring approaches (oh thank goodness!), remember to keep the chi flowing in your house.

When it's warm enough, open doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate and stir things up a bit. Those of us in wintery climates can especially use this at this time of year.

In general, during the day, keep all the interior doors open to allow the chi to flow. The only exception to this would be the bathroom door, which, if possible, should alway remain closed. Read more about bathroom treatment here.

Spring is a good time to think about decluttering.Piles and stacks and too much stuff slows the flow of chi to the point where we need to be concerned about stagnation. Remember, chi should flow meandering gently, not moving too quickly and not getting stuck. More about decluttering can be found here and here.

Happy almost Spring!