Monday, April 4, 2011

Mercury Retrograde and Spring Cleaning

Mercury is currently retrograde, and will be until April 23rd @ 6:04am EDT (Eastern US time). 

What does Mercury Retrograde mean? 

In simple terms, Mercury's orbit around the sun is faster than that of Earth. Periodically, about 3 times a year, Mercury catches up to and passes Earth in the orbit around the sun. At this point, it appears to stop, and begin moving backward. It does not actually move backward, but from our perspective on Earth, where it appears that the cosmos is moving around us, it seems to do so. So when we speak of planets being retrograde, it is in relation to Earth, specifically. There are lots of more detailed, in depth descriptions of this phenomena on the web if you're interested. 

Many people who don't necessarily follow astrology will tell you that they notice when Mercury goes retrograde and the effects it can have.

Mercury is said to be associated with travel, communications, and learning. During periods when Mercury is retrograde, there may be delays and complications in these areas. 

It's a good time to back up that hard drive, check out that funny noise the car is making, and in general slow down and allow extra time in your day (many of us could stand to do this much of the time anyway).

During periods when Mercury is retrograde it's best to avoid the following: 
beginning new ventures or courses of study, important correspondence and travel, placing ads and purchasing communications equipment.

Mercury Retrograde periods are good times to wrap us loose ends and incomplete items. Think in terms of finishing off projects, cleaning out old business, pondering and planning for new ventures and studies, and in general taking internal stock of what's working and what's not. Then wait for the retrograde period to end before taking action on these items.

With that in mind, as we think of Feng Shui, now is an excellent time for Spring Cleaning! Clear out the old, declutter, freshen up your spaces, take stock of the items in your home and office spaces and let go of those things that have outlived their usefulness.

If you haven't done so already (here in the US, anyway), wrap up your taxes and get them off a little early (remember, expect some delays now, so getting them done ahead of time is a good thing). Clear out last year's business and open up that space to really let 2011 get going.

On my list this week, is to tackle this:

Now that my taxes are off, it's time to put the office in order.

Have a great week everyone!

Note: It's been a long time since I've written here. Please forgive my absence...there are big changes in store for my family, in that a new little one will join us in late summer. Now that the heavy nausea and fatigue have passed, I plan to be here, writing, much more often.