Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The month of Love....

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, thoughts of love and relationship are on the minds of many. I'm teaching a class this week on finding and enhancing relationships with Feng Shui.

But today, I'd like to look at this topic in a different way. I'd to invite you, this year, starting this moment, to begin to fall in love with..........(drumroll please!).....Yourself!

When I began my Feng Shui training in 2007, one of the early classes covered the concept of Inner Feng Shui. I was unprepared for this topic, and it was a moving and enlightening experience to look at personal growth and self love as an aspect of Feng Shui.

Having good Feng Shui is very important, but Chinese culture also considers your Virtue (the good that comes to you from the life you lead) and Knowledge (the luck you create by learning and increasing your knowledge) to also be very important to a abundant and healthy life. Although others may argue to the contrary, I would venture to state that I, at least, believe there can be no greater virtue than truly loving oneself, because that kind of love can only spread and grace others as well.

Self love has been a process for me, and one that became vitally important in my life following the birth of my tiny daughter. I became aware very quickly that, at least for now, I'm possibly the role model in her life who will influence her most strongly. She looks to me for information on many topics, but most importantly on how to treat herself. If I didn't learn to truly love and honor myself, than how could I teach her to love her little self?

And so began in earnest, my quest to truly love and take good care of me. I have faltered at times, and forgotten the importance of this, and at other times I'm just not sure how to do it properly or how to fit it into my busy schedule.

But now that I have a constant reminder of the importance of this, my goal is to love myself with the depth and slow buring fire of a life long love affair, to care gently for myself, push myself forward when needed but always kindly. I invite you to find your own definition of self love and pursue it steadily. And know that there isn't anything more attractive than a confident person who loves her(him)self, so if you're hoping to find that special someone, now is the time to realize how very special you are.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feng Shui Tip of the Month: February 2009

Greetings from San Diego, where my family and I are vacationing and visiting friends and family.

I had intended to do a Valentine theme tip this month (and may still), but while traveling I was inspired in a different direction.

We're staying with some good friends who have generously given us there bedroom and are sleeping in the smaller guest room. The bed we're sleeping in is positioned directly below a large window, and I have not slept soundly since arriving. So here's the tip:

Have your bed located against a solid wall

There are several reasons for this.

First, which probably explains what I'm experiencing, is that chi or life energy, enters your home through doors and windows. Sleeping beneath a window places you much to close to that stimulating energy, which can interfere with quality sleep.

Second, it's important to sleep with the support of a solid wall behind you, because energetically that support is transferrred to you, possibly manifesting in ways such as supportive people in your life, and a feeling of support from the source, God, or universe, if you will.

To increase this feeling of support, having a solid headboard is wonderful. If resources or space won't allow for this, you can acheive the same energetic affect by tacking a heavy piece of cloth or a tapestry behind your bed.

When considering Feng Shui, particular attention is always given to any place you spend a significant amount of time, so the bedroom is of vital importance.

If, due to layout you have to place your bed under a window, keeping that window always curtained or shuttered can minimize the stimulating energy entering there and add a feeling of support. The heavier the fabric the better.

Here's to your good rest. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed soon!