Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yin Yang in the Home

If you're seeing that Yin Yang theory is about balance, you're catching on.

In the home, we seek a balance of Yin Yang as well, but this balance will look different in each room. Generally, the use of the room will indicate whether it's more Yin in Yang.

Bedrooms should be more Yin. Lighting should be subdued, bedding soft, and inviting, colors subdued. All things in the bedroom should suggest a quiet, restful space.

Kitchens are more Yang. Fire energy is strong in the kitchen due to the stove's influence, and this brings the aliveness and energy needed to create nourishing foods. Lighting should be bright in task areas to make food preparation easy.

Office Spaces should be tailored to the kind of work being done there. Work that requires quiet and reflection (such as mine) should have a more Yin environment. Work that is more energetic, such an office space where multiple people collaborate, would suggest a more Yang feeling. 

Reading rooms and studies should be generally more Yin, quiet, with a subdued feeling lending itself to focus, but with appropriate task lighting over work areas. 

This is fairly intuitive, but it's worthwhile to take a look at the rooms in your home and see if they reflect their use well, or could use some tweaking. 

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