Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feng Shui Tip of the Month: May 2009

May is nearly over already as I write this...life has taken a dramatically positive twist for my family, which has absorbed a lot of time of late....

Tip: Avoid poison arrows in places where you sleep or sit often.

First of all, what the heck is a poison arrow?

Poison arrows in Feng Shui, are simply defined as sharp edges that point at sitting or sleeping places. The reason to be concerned about these are that energy, or chi, which moves everywhere in your space, tends to gather along edges and then shoot in the direction of that edge. This energy is much too sharp and direct, and can be destructive when pointed at you.

Some examples of where you'll find these are: where you have two walls coming together in a point, and along the edges of furniture where to pieces are joined and create a 90 degree angle.

Poison arrows are common throughout your home and work space, and in most cases do not present a significant problem. They are, however, an issue when they point directly at your bed or regular sitting place. To determine where the energy is pointing, follow the point from a 45 degree angle out. If it intersects your bed or chair, you'll want to take steps to break up that flow of energy.

Some simple cures are:

1) In the case of a sharp point where two walls join, hang a faceted crystal or windchime from the ceiling in front of the corner. This will difuse the energy that is pointing at your place of work or rest.

2) Place a large vase or plant stand in front of the corner to block the flow

3) Tack a piece of fabric from the ceiling down to the floor in front of the corner to block the flow of energy.

4) Drap fabric over sharp edges of furniture that point toward your bed or chair. In bedrooms especially, using furniture with softer, more rounded edges is ideal. Round nightstand tables are highly recommended.

Enjoy the last few days of May, I'll be back in June!