Monday, March 9, 2009

Feng Shui Tip of the Month:March 2009 part B

And, for part B of our Spring Cleaning segment.....

Have you finished clearing out your clutter yet? I haven't, it's an ongoing process, but I'm making progress. Once you've cleared the physical clutter, at least to a point,

2) Do a thorough Space Clearing

Space clearing is a way of cleaning out the energetic cobwebs. Space clearing is a technique used within many spiritual traditions to clean out old, stagnant energy and make way for new beginnings and desired outcomes. My husband and I included a space clearing as part of our marriage ceremony, clearing the way for a beautiful life for us together.

There are many techniques for space clearing. It can be as simple as opening the windows and burning some sage or incense in each area of the house, or as complex as using sage, salt and rice and leaving it overnight before vacuuming up.

If you subscribe to a specific religion or spiritual practice, you might research and incorporate a method used in that tradition. Below are some links to articles that give some good information on space clearing techniques.

"Feng Shui Principles for Space Clearing" by Valorie Sands-Budelis

Excerpt from "Clear Your Space, Change Your Life", By Amanda Slaz on planetbonsai

"What Space Clearing Can Do for You" by Stephanie Roberts

Space clearing can be done anytime you feel the energy in your space or life needs some freshening up. Here are some specific times when it's recommended:

  • After an illness (like that nasty stomach flu that went around this winter)
  • When moving into a new home
  • When someone moves into or out of the household
  • With each new season
  • During any difficult time in life
  • Before making significant Feng Shui changes

If your having a hard time getting through the decluttering process, it can be helpful to do a space clearing first. Sometimes when subtle blocks to change are occuring within us, something as simple and beautiful as setting the intention to clear the space and performing the steps to do so can help get things moving again in a postive direction.

I've requested some books from the library on the Feng Shui of clearing clutter....I'll be back to review them as I have the chance to read them.

Until next time, enjoy March, fickle beginning of Spring!


  1. Thank you Blue Pearl,
    Your advice is very timely indeed.
    Tonight I am going into the back shed to get out this huge SHOVEL.
    I will drag it into the house and toss everything OUT OUT OUT.
    Need to get the chi moving again.