Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't Be Shy...

If you have diplomas, awards, or other career related certificates, frame 'em and hang them in your office. Sometime's called an Ego Wall, don't let this term stop you from sharing your success. It's excellent Feng Shui to decorate the walls of your work space with symbols of your success in your field and can stimulate more positive energy flow toward your career.

More on diplomas soon!


  1. It probably reminds you of all the hard work and success that you have generated in your life.

  2. Diana, i will from now on follow all your advices! :-)You're right an ego wall cannot hurt...
    Feng Shui is so interesting...

  3. Rosariom, exactly!

    Lala, I'm glad you're finding value in this and would love to have you visit more!