Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New vs Antique

I read an interesting segment on furniture in the book, Practical Feng Shui for Business, by Simon Brown. It is a completely different school of thought from the Classical Feng Shui that I practice, but there is some information that is definitely applicable in any case.

In the book, Mr Brown discusses the merits of furnishing your home with new vs vintage or antique items. Here are some of the merits of each.

Antique and Vintage Items

These items carry a solid, grounded energy. Think stable, sturdy, lasting. Too many antique items can sometimes create a stagnate, stale type of energy.

New Items

These items carry a fresh, new, inspired energy. Think new ideas and concepts, change. Too many new items can create a sense of upheavel or unrest.

Balance is always good. If you feel good in your space, there's no need to change your furnishings. If you're seeking a more grounded energy, you can try adding a few older items to your decor. More inspiration, bring in a few new pieces.


  1. It all makes good sense. I would think that we are attracted to old for that sense of history and that nostalgic feeling. Plus,a piece may be absolutely gorgeous to look at.

  2. So true Rosario! I have to admit I favor older things in general :-)