Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yin Yang and the Four Seasons

In my first article on Yin Yang, I listed some things that could be associated with Yin or Yang. Today I'd like to relate this concept to the Earth's Seasons.

Yin Yang is a beautifully, simply illustrated in our four seasons. All earthly things have a life cycle, and we can look to the natural world and see this illustrated quite clearly. 

The western hemisphere is currently experiencing winter, which has a strong Yin quality. It's colder, a little quieter, a lot of plant life has died off or become dormant, and our days can take on a more inward quality. Despite all of this, each day we are moving more toward the more Yang phase of the year. The days are getting gradually lighter and longer. 

As we move into Spring, we see more of a balance between Yin and Yang. Temperatures are warmer, plant life awakens or begins to sprout and grow again. We can hear more animal life as birds return from warmer climes and hibernating mammals wake.The days and nights become more equal.

Summer is peak Yang. It's hot, and bright. Plants bloom, and put forth fruit. The world seems more lively, more awake. Animals are busy, people also. We are outward, soaking up the sunshine. The days are long and the nights relatively short.

As Autumn arrives, we see more balance between Yin and Yang again as Yin begins to take hold once more. Decay sets in. Temperatures are cooler. Many plants have reached maturity and are dying off, the season of frost sets in and this finishes off the life cycle of many growing things. Leaves fall. Days and nights are equal.

And we return to winter and the cycle continues.

Thank you for joining me on this short journey of Yin Yang through the seasons.

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